About the website

Libertarian Mindset is dedicated to providing easy to understand explanations of the principles and basis of Libertarianism.

Libertarianism is more popular than ever.  Mainstream media has been asking, and incorrectly answering the question, “What do Libertarians think?”  This  question is necessary to ask in order for peace and freedom to spread.  But it isn’t sufficient.  It doesn’t dig deep enough.  Instead we need to begin to ask, “How does a Libertarian think?” We need to not only know justifications for Libertarian positions, but we also must understand what the process is to arriving at these conclusions.

How is Libertarian Mindset different?

There are more than a few websites that provide information about Libertarian thought.  They say Libertarians are considered by most to be “fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” that they are against Big Government, etc. But, what do these examples do?  They are strictly informative.  Each bit  is a piece to a larger puzzle.  A puzzle you are supposed to put together yourself.  But you can’t see the picture on the box the puzzle came in. You don’t know what the big picture is supposed to look like.  Your understanding isn’t easily improved. It can be a big jumble.

There is a difference between Information and Understanding.

This website isn’t just about providing information.  There are enough parrots in this world – people who have simply memorized positions and strings of talking points.  Instead, it’s primary focus is to help clarify people’s understanding about the history, principles, ideas, and ideals of Libertarianism. The truly freedom focused mind needs to understand What Libertarians think, Why they think the way they do, but more importantly, How they think.

Contact Info

Have a question? Need clarification? Have a request for an article? If so, then please email it to CameronBelt@LibertarianMindset.com.  Or you can reach me here:

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