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Foundation of Liberty pt.1

Hi there!  Welcome to Libertarian Mindset, the website that’s devoted to spreading the history, principles, ideas, and ideals of Libertarianism along with helping you understand exactly How a Libertarian thinks.  To start, we need to understand what Libertarianism is.

Libertarianism is a political philosophy which provides a theory of the just use of violence within society.  It rests on one main axiom (an axiom is an idea that is universally understood as true without having to be proven): the “non-aggression axiom.”  This axiom states that no men or group of men may use physical force, or the threat of physical force, against the person and property of someone else.  Pretty plain and simple.  It is wrong for me to attempt to either physically harm you or to take your property against your will.  Aggression can also be understood as an invasion.

The only just use of violence within Libertarian thought is the use of force in a strictly defensive manner.  If I go to strike you in the head with a club, you have the right to stop me from doing so, or you have the right to strike back if I were to strike you unexpectedly catching you off-guard.

This is the foundation from which all Libertarian thought processes can be traced back to.  It is important to constantly remember this self-evident truth when looking at the world through a Libertarian’s eyes.  The basis of Libertarianism is private property (beginning with the human physical body) and the protection of that private property from any other possible aggressor.

Why is this idea useful? Why do we need a just theory of force? And why does the non-aggression principle qualify as a self-evident truth (axiom)?  These questions will be the topics of the next post in the Foundation of Liberty series.


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